Mar. 18, 2018

Days after the coup attempt of July 15, the Turkish government literally launched a war against dissenters, especially to Gulen movement. Turkish government party(AKP) officials charge Gulen movement with the coup attempt and speeds up the witch hunt which was started after 17-25 December Corruption Operations.

Over a hundred thousand of civil cervant (including academicians, judges, soldiers, polices, teachers and etc.) dismissed by decrees issued under the state of emergency, nearly hundred thousand people were detained and fourty thousands of them were arrested for
their alleged links of Gulen Movement.

Thousands of people have been taken into custody with accusation of being terrorist and involving in coup attempt 15th July 2016, in case almost all of them heard the coup on tv news and have nothing to do with the coup attempt.

Police Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Departments launch nonevidential interrogations under government’s pressure and courage. Due to this pressure and the courage, police officers obliged to produce evidence from the speeches of detainees. When any detainee refuse to admit prewritten-statements, they were threatened and tortured.

Torture Spreads Over Turkey With Government’s Pressure and Courage

Numerous instances of torture perpetrated against political oppenents of government (especially Gulen movement) were recorded after 15th July. Rize, city of black sea region, fatherland of Turkish President, is mentioned with its police department becoming a torture center nowadays.

Lots of detainees were interrogated under psychological pressure, threat and torture in Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime division of Rize Police Department, and Şahin Y. was only one of them. Şahin Y. was a teacher until his dismissal by a decree. After his dismissal he was detained in the city of Isparta where torture began, he was beaten by 4 police officers. He was transported to Rize, where the torture continues under the color of interrogation.

Şahin Y., was especially tortured by the head of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime division of Rize Police Department and police officers working in this division. He was pounded, beaten by officers. In addition he was showed around offices of the heads of other police divisions, then pounded and affronted repeatedly.

While his interrogation, he was forced to admit alleged crimes and even slander others. When he refused to do these he was heavily tortured. He was threatened with death, with arresting ( and some other threats to his family that we can not write here) his spouse and daughter. He was subject to intimidation with the discourse of “You won’t survive, we’ll hang you here and declare as a suicide.”

Police officers prostrated him and stomped on his head to obtain confession about using Bylock and Eagle messaging applications. He was heavily tortured day after days. He was exhausted and finally broke down due to the heavy torture and admitted the prewritten-statements by the police.

Şahin Y. was arrested for so-called confession, statements given under heavy torture. He is now in jail, fatigue and very weak due to the heavy torture.

According to Turkish legislation, illegally and improperly obtained evidence is not admissible in court according to legislation and so cannot be used to accuse someone. So-called confessions obtained under


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